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St. Mary's Church

St. Mary's Church, Alderbury, Salisbury SP5 3DW, UK

my nan and granddad lay together away from all the grief

St Mary's, Alderbury. Lovely views of the Avon Valley.

St Laurence

Church Hatch, Downton, Salisbury SP5 3PU, UK – 01725 510326

St. Laurence's has been on this site since c.1100 tho' the original church was much smaller. The bulk of the current structure is mid to late 18th century with the best observable remnants of the original church (eg. entry "hatch" for priest) and a lepers' window where those with the disease could be blessed adjacent to the current high altar. There's also a barely discernible remnant from a medieval wall painting, painted over most likely in the puritan phase but now resurfacing, inside the church on its western wall.

St Andrew's Church Nunton

Nunton, Salisbury SP5 4HP, UK

Nice old Traditional Church

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